Gender pay information

Gender Pay Statement

All businesses employing more than 250 people have to calculate and publish the figures based upon the pay period in which the 5th April 2017 occurred.

Century Healthcare Ltd, like all similar companies, predominantly employ female carers and women make up over 82% of the workforce.

All pay rates are the same for all and every grade of employee, regardless of gender i.e. nurses, care supervisors, senior carers, chefs, domestic / laundry / kitchen assistants, carers, activity co-ordinators, maintenance operatives and administrators.

The only differences in pay are due to the salaries of the senior management team and the salaries and bonuses earned by managers and matrons which reflect the responsibilities and opportunities of their role and the size of the business units they run. These bonuses are paid for actual, measured achievement.

Of the 11 people, on the management team, only 2 are male and just 1 of these is eligible for bonus with 7 women. There is no gender bar when applying for these posts.

The Company has no plans to change pay scales and rewards paid as our pay policy fully meets the requirements of the Equality’s Act and our own aim to pay fairly and equitably to all employees.

The figures have been calculated as per the Gender Pay legislation and are accurate.

Jeremy Heney
Managing Director

Gender pay gap figures