June 2020 Covid Update


As of today, I am pleased to inform you that we are 19 days Covid free in all Century Healthcare Homes.

Firstly, I must say that this is due, in no small way, to the magnificent effort that all the Staff have made working tirelessly throughout the pandemic and using the infection control measures we have maintained throughout.  Every single member of Staff - domestics, catering, maintenance, carers, Matrons, Managers and Management have all played a vital role in this difficult time for which we are truly grateful.

Our conservative approach and lock down restrictions, whilst difficult, have been vital in maintaining the continued safety of all our Residents and Staff.

As we have now finally begun to receive guidance from Government and Public Health England, we are in a position to introduce outside visiting to all the Homes.

We are introducing a RESERVATION ONLY system to allow visiting of loved ones in clearly marked areas within our gardens and open spaces.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to do this in inclement weather and visits will have to be re-booked.

There are time slots with a maximum of 2 people per resident at any one time to allow everyone a chance to see their relative.  If these arrangements are successful, we will expand them throughout July to allow more frequency.  It is imperative that all families follow the booking guidelines, social distancing and infection control or it simply will not work.  Separate arrangements for end of life visiting have also been made which you would be able to discuss with the Manager of the Home.

Visiting will commence from Monday 29th June and we look forward to seeing you all once again.  You will be able to book a visit directly with the Home from 10AM on Tuesday 23rd June - please do not ring earlier than this.

Please note, however if there in a further outbreak, second wave or confirmed positive case then these arrangements would be removed until we are clear once again.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.  Stay safe.