Visiting Policy Update


We know this is a worrying time for everyone. The safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff is paramount.

Based on this we are advocating the safest way to visit your relative is through the use of our safe visiting centres.

We understand that people are impatient to see their loved ones and would like contact however we are strongly advising you to continue to make use of our safe visiting centres until such times as the Covid 19 vaccination programme has been completed.  

We are aware of the recent government guidelines to enable indoor visiting through the use of Lateral testing kits. However, we have concerns over the reliability of these test, this has been well documented in the media.

We have prepared individual risk assessments for all our homes to facilitate indoor visits if you choose to use this option.

As part of this information update, we are providing to you we are including our visiting information for visits inside our homes.

These are the instructions provided to our staff for managing visits as safely as possible. 

Currently two homes have had Covid 19 outbreaks and are closed to visiting until mid-March. These being Brimstage Manor and Gillibrand Hall. For the other homes indoor visits will commence on Tuesday 9th March 2021. Visits will be by appointment only, Monday to Friday with one visit weekly as per our policy.

All indoor visits at any home will cease immediately a positive case of Covid 19 is confirmed. 

As with all policies we will monitor the outcomes of these visits alongside any government guidelines and as a result we may have to change or stop these visits.

For all visits, please go to the front door of the home 1 hour before your appointment time where you will be directed to the indoor visiting entrance.

There will be some delay and inconvenience to the start of your visit due to the constraints of the testing regime we must adhere to.

Please be patient with us.


Century Healthcare Management Team