Visitor Information for visits inside one of our Homes


Whilst we are advocating the safest way to visit your relative is through the use of our safe visiting centres, we appreciate some people will wish to have closer contact and use the fast test for Covid 19 to enable a visit inside our homes.

Information for these inside visits you will need to follow.

All visits will be by appointment only. Bookings can be made from Monday 8th March by telephoning the home.

The same 1 adult can visit once a week for 1 hour. We are unable at this stage to allow children under the age of 16 to visit.

We are only able to facilitate these visits Monday to Friday between the hours of 1pm and 4pm. Weekend visits will be in the visitor centre only or a window visit. We have reviewed our policy for children in the visiting centres. One child accompanied by up to 2 adults will now be permitted. The usual booking system will still apply for weekend visits.

Family’s must agree and nominate 1 adult for a weekly indoor visit. There will be no changes to the person nominated to visit until government guidelines allow. Other family members can book a visit in the safe visiting centre. You may bring a small gift but please hand this to staff on your arrival in order that we can decontaminate it before giving it to your relative

You will be asked to read, complete the information required and sign a consent form at every visit.

You will need to arrive at the home 1 hour before your visit is scheduled. This is to allow time for your test to be completed, for it to be registered and for you to clean your hands and put on the protective equipment we will provide for your visit. This will be an apron, gloves, and a mask.

You will be informed where to enter the home, asked to clean/sanitise your hands and given your apron, gloves, and mask to put on. You will then be escorted to the test area.  

Once in the test area the swabbing and testing process will be completed.

It takes 30 minutes for the test results during this time you will be asked to take a seat in the test waiting area.  

If your result is negative, you will then be escorted to visit your relative.

Whilst the government has said holding hands and personal contact are allowed, we ask that you keep this to a minimum and wherever possible maintain your social distance.

Please remain in the area you have been taken to and do not wander around the home or try to approach other residents.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to have conversations with staff at the time of your visit because this will mean appointments will run over. Therefore, if after your visit you wish to discuss anything this can be arranged over the phone post-visit. This also ensures you have maximum visiting time with your relative

At the end of your visit a staff member will take you to the exit point of the home where you will remove your apron, gloves and mask and clean your hands.

If you test positive the home will take a different swab that will be collected by a courier, the same day. You will then be advised to leave and isolate until you receive the results of the second test. You will be advised on isolation depending on the result of the second test. If the test is invalid, we will ask you to retake the test if the second test is negative you can continue with the visit. If it is invalid twice you will only be able to visit in the safe visiting room (if it is available) or complete a window visit.