Social Care Visits


The safety of our staff and residents is paramount. However, you will be aware that the government has extended care home visiting to enable residents to go out with a staff member or their nominated visitor for an outside space visit to gardens, parks etc.

There are a number of requirements set out in guidance that must be adhered to if a resident is to leave the home for an outside visit.

The Requirements: -

  •           The resident can onlybe taken out of the home by a staff member or one or both
  •            of their nominated visitors.
  •            The nominated person must agree a time for the visit with the home.  Ad hoc
  •            visits cannot be facilitated.
  •            The nominated visitor and teh resident must undergo a Covid 19 test at the
  •            home immediately prior to teh visit.  These tests must be negative.
  •            The visit cannot involve public transport
  •            The visit must take palce solely in an outside space.
  •            Social distancing must be maintained and the resident nominated visitor/s 
  •            cannot meet in a group even with other family members.
  • Even with increased vaccination of the public, there are still risks involved in visits out. Spending time with others outside the care home will increase the risk of exposure to Covid 19 for your relative, and on return to the home to the other vulnerable residents, staff, and their families.

    We ask that you consider these risks carefully. If you do choose to take your relatives out, we implore you to adhere to the requirements set out above and not place your relative at increased risk.

    In addition, we are advocating that all visitors at the earliest opportunity are vaccinated to further reduce the risk to your loved one, other vulnerable residents and our staff.


Reviewed 04/05/2021