A Letter of Welcome


Dear Relatives and Friends,

We are delighted to confirm that we have completed the acquisition of Century Healthcare and would like to introduce ourselves as the new directors and owners of the company. 

Dr Niraj Brahmabhatt will be the nominated individual and Managing Director and Mr. Nikhil Brahmabhatt will be the Financial Director for the group. 

We are keeping all senior management and all staff in their current roles, and we would like to reassure you that commitment to quality will remain a priority for Century Healthcare. 

Residents will continue to be cared for by all the same staff and people that they already know.  

Hopefully we can overcome the ongoing challenges of the pandemic together and continue with the usage of PPE, testing and vaccination. As we move in to 2022 hopefully, we can upgrade the environments and commence a programme of works at most of the homes. 

Between now and the new year staff retention and recruitment will be our primary focus. We will be organizing video call meetings with the new owners and directors throughout October should you have any questions or suggestions. 

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Niraj Brahmabhatt


CQC Nominated Individual

Century Healthcare Ltd