Visitor Information For Visits Inside One of Our Homes from 19th July 2021


Following the Government announcement on the 19/07/2021 Century Healthcare would like to confirm we are adhering to the announcement. We have set out our visiting policy below.

We still advocate the safest way to visit your relative is through the use of our safe visiting centres or in our gardens.

Information for these inside visits you will need to follow.

There is no requirement to have specific nominated visitors however all visits will continue to be by appointment only.

No more than 2 people can visit at any one time.

Children aged 3 years to 18 years will be classed as visitor

The time and days of these visits will be at the discretion of the Matron/Manager of the home.

All adult visitors and children aged 11 years and over will be required to self-test at home on the day of the planned visit and register the test. Proof of a negative test for all visitors must be shown to the home on arrival. Children under the age of three are not counted towards the total number of people visiting at any one time.

Home tests can be obtained by: -

Please go to the NHS website for full details on how to order your test kits

If you test positive at home, please let the home know and do not visit. You must organise for a PCR test to be carried out. Details on how to obtain a PCR test are on the following website or telephone 119

You will be given an apron, mask and gloves to wear for the duration of your visit. 

Whilst the government has said holding hands and personal contact are allowed, we ask that you keep this to a minimum and wherever possible maintain your social distance.

Please remain in the area you have been taken to and do not wander around the home or try to approach other residents.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to have conversations with staff at the time of your visit because this will mean appointments will run over. Therefore, if after your visit you wish to discuss anything, this can be arranged over the phone post-visit. This also ensures you have maximum visiting time with your relative

At the end of your visit a staff member will take you to the exit point of the home where you will remove your apron, gloves and mask and clean your hands.